Tips To Be Successful As An SEO Manager

SEO Agency Management Software

SEO managers tend to require not only business and marketing training but also training in some form of computer science. This is a very results-oriented role and you will need to demonstrate that you have successfully increased the company’s position in the search rankings. You will be expected to offer ideas for content creation and planning based on analysis and data. You will need to understand the analytics tools used in the industry, specifically Google Ads and Analytics. Contact us for the best and most affordable SEO agency management software.

Here are some areas to hone your skills:

  • Strategy: You must take a strategic perspective, so you can define a plan that has a long-term vision aligned with a company’s goals and objectives. You’ll need insight and the ability to recognize goals, identify trends that might impact those goals, and have a vision that will be shared by the senior players in the company. It’s worth performing an SEO audit as part of your strategy to figure out where a business is, and where it needs to go.
  • Updated Tactics: Every strategy requires tactics artfully used to help you meet your goals. In SEO, it’s all about the most effective organic search tactics. You have to remain up to date on everything going on in the industry because what works today will not work tomorrow. For example, do you know what tactics White Hat SEOs can learn from Black Hat SEOs? Having a thirst for knowledge is a must, so you are continually relearning the business.
  • Content: You might very well find yourself at odds with the content marketing team in some companies. That is because the company structure is not always created to get the best digital marketing results. Understanding content marketing is a must as it is a tactic that goes hand in hand with SEO and will help you write SEO-optimized copy. Demonstrating you can handle both will work in your favor. An SEO Manager who can handle keyword research, campaign planning, overseeing quality content, content distribution, and analysis is the supreme being of the digital marketing world.
  • Data Analysis: SEO Managers have to be able to analyze their own (including structured data) to maintain credibility. If you can show how you’re performing and how it fits into the strategy you recommended, you can save your job again and again. You also need to benchmark performance and show clear results that you are improving rankings and taking advantage of areas to improve.
  • Branding: This is an overarching skill that will do wonders for your career. With an appreciation for branding and brand management, you will see the big picture and understand how it fits into the overall objectives of the business. Usability or UX is also becoming more important for rankings as a part of brand management and will make visitors stick and boost your SEO.
  • People Skills: This can be a job done in isolation but is often dependent on a wide selection of players across many different departments and levels. Either way, you have to demonstrate people management skills, and more specifically, your ability to manage people across all levels. It’s all about dynamics, optics, and politically correct communication. You have to manage expectations and motivate and persuade without alienating any major players. In this role, you will need people at high levels onside to get your plan into action. Reach out to us for SEO company management software.


Although SEO management can prove to be a cyclical job that creates a plan, analyzes results, and rebuilds the plan again, it is also highly strategic. You will discover a challenging position that is highly rewarded in the industry with many opportunities for advancement.