How to Use SEO Effectively?

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When people type in Google, they usually search for a subject of two or three words. The results provided by Google are based on web pages that provide the best possible answer to a question about basic market behaviour.

Google’s A.I.-powered Google algorithm will rank first with a web page that best answers the question. That first-ranked page is the best response for all the web pages listed in Google’s global database. Contact us for SEO agency CRM.

How A.I. search changes search results

Increased use of smartphones has had a major impact on Google’s search algorithm. In fact, Google has moved its database from desktop computers to mobile device websites.

This is because additional searches are performed on mobile devices. More importantly, search queries on mobile devices differ from desktop searches. Searching on mobile devices is very conversational, users use Siri or Google Assistant to perform searches. Mobile device searches are usually for local businesses, with most searches using geo-focused keywords.

With that in mind, here’s how to create an online presence that answers the search query as an SEO CRM expert.

Step 1: Find out what your customers are asking

Decide which keyword root your target market can use for your services.

Go to any free app and keyword tool that helps you collect data about your customers and enter your root keyword phrase. Depending on the root key, you will see a number of questions under words like what, where, when, how, what, why and who.

Step 2: Google is watching you and testing you

Note that the keyword for your search appears in each query. The next step is to select questions in the series that, when properly organized, help to create a story that responds to the user’s question and provides in-depth information that goes beyond what the searcher expects. This is because Google knows when a search engine has found a page that provides the best answer.

Think of a search engine that searches the Google search results page. The searcher clicks on your link and visits your webpage. The searcher spends a few minutes on the page and visits other pages on your site. This behavior indicates to Google that the task has been completed, which is a good sign.

Now, suppose this same searcher searches for Google search results, clicks on your link, but returns immediately to search results by clicking the browser back button. Contact us to hire SEO CRM experts.


Google search results are more powerful today than ever before. It is not uncommon for search results to fluctuate with the number one result down to fifth place, then for the second and then for another within a few hours. It all depends on your rating against the level of other search results. One of the key to successful use is Google A.I. is a great title and description from Google search results. Note some of the top titles and descriptions that appear on the search results page for your keyword. Do not copy other articles and descriptions. Note the features that gave them the winning formula to produce the final click to help them rate. Now, create your own title and description of these elements in a unique way that makes you stand out from the search results.