SEO Agency CRM: Top 5 Features to Look out for

Customers expect businesses to provide them with a seamless digital experience. They rule the market and play a pivotal role in fluctuating the demand and supply of the products and services. Even the marketing strategies of the businesses rely on what target audience desires for and wants. Post leads conversion, their concern shifts to how to persuade the existing customers for repeated sales. Having a website, a digital marketer, and an SEO campaign is all good for that matter but isn’t worthwhile until a CRM software is incorporated in the plan. An electronic communication channel that allows easy transfer of customers’ data within the marketing department and connects the consumers with the business is called CRM software.

Possessing the right features, this software cannot only boost sales and maintain customer loyalty but also save tons of marketers’ time and money. Let’s proceed to these must-have features that SEO agencies must look out for before investing in one they find the best fit for their business.


Apparently, no one would ever want to constantly flip back and forth between windows. Hence, the foremost feature that an investor must prioritize after ease-of-use is social media and marketing software integration. Integrating with different social media platforms allow experts to ascertain how each section of customers or target audience behaves and interacts with the business. Whereas integrating marketing automation software with this software simplifies leading between sales and marketing at one platform.

Contact Management:

Contact management is the key factor of CRM and a must-have feature of the software. It stores the contact details of customers and categorizes them under different groups so that whenever, new product launch and remarketing take place, the target audience can be identified easily. In short, this feature helps marketers make customers feel important and cater to them efficiently.

Lead Management:

After contact management, lead management tops the priority list when it comes to the best SEO agency CRM features. It manages the conversions of potential customers into actual buyers by identifying, scoring, and moving leads. This helps the sales department to focus on important leads to follow up based on psychographic and demographic factors.


To get the full value of the investment and to bolster the agency’s services, it is imperative to look for a solution that can be modified as per the business’s need. The arena for personalization can range from mere inclusion of much-needed features and addition of contact fields on the dashboard to extensions, plugins, and other beneficial add-ons. In fact, some solution providers also offer advanced customization options and streamline business processes by integrating existing business solutions with this software using APIs.


Analyzing an abundance of customers’ and sales’ data manually becomes overwhelming for marketers. Hence, they look for a tool that possesses ‘Analytics’ as one of its core features. This feature produces analytical reports on gathered information so that the data is legible enough for the sales and marketing professionals to understand and utilize for identifying loopholes and troubleshooting them in time. Every business is different, so is the choice of features in its CRM software. However, once settled for the right set of features, this tool works as a long-term business partner that no organization would ever want to get rid of.