Top 10 Small Business Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Must Have

Small Business Tools for Online Entrepreneurs

Ever since the internet technology has seen a boom, many tech developers have been introducing business solutions to increase productivity. These solutions helped the businesses beat the competition and set a strong foundation in the market. Technology has always been a powerful resource for small businesses’ success. After all, it encouraged entrepreneurs to work smarter and not harder. Automation tools manage repetitive tasks while leaving the employees with more time to bestow on key business operations. There are a plethora of platforms, services, and technologies for small businesses, choosing the right one isn’t that easy. Therefore, listed below are the top 10 small business tools you need to invest in immediately.


This 21st-century software allows seamless communication within the team. It overrules the age-old trends of group messages blowing up and enormous notifications jamming the system at once. Its communication features go beyond its core functionality to offer much more. Slack channels support file-sharing, phone calls, message search, and fun things like giving “taco” to an employee for doing the job well.


Built by Google, it serves a wide range of functionalities for small businesses. With the apps in GSuite, you can purchase your domain, set up email clients, track website analytics, launch and manage Ad campaigns, etc. at a low cost. By centralizing the branded domain within the Google platform, it gives peace of mind and assurance that everything is on spot.


GoCo is a Human Resource Management Software that helps streamline employee onboarding and off-boarding, document management, performance management, deadline tracking, and compliance. You can integrate this platform with your currency payroll and management software to allay the stress of hefty paperwork.


Again, a human resource platform, Goodhire helps small businesses elude the complexity of the hiring process. From conducting background checks, verifying identity and employment, reference and credit checks to pre-hire skill tests, drug screening, and driving record and education check, it does it all without any paperwork.  


Entrepreneurs who prefer contractors or freelancers to employees should go for Upwork. No matter for which job profile they seek a freelancer be it graphic designing, web development, or social media management, there is always someone on Upwork for them. Upwork eases your hiring process by offering reviews, bidding, and references.


A crowdsourced Q&A forum, Quora is reliable for getting information from relevant sources or renowned people. So, whenever an employee needs an answer to any question, he or she can search for an expert on this platform and request him to respond to his/her query.


Businesses that are engaged in telephonic operations most of the time can use Telzio and set-up an office phone system via the internet. Using this tool, the employees can access phone calls and messages from anywhere.


It is a communication software that fills the interaction gap often seen in website-based companies. This tool stands effective in paving a way for smooth and seamless communication between the staff and customers. Its features like live chat and others for web consumers make is easier to interact and engage with the clients.


As the name suggests, SalesLoft helps identify and capture more customers by increasing the efficiency of sales reps. With in-built sales dialer, emails, and integration features, this platform facilitates customer conversion and retention.


Trello is one of the top team and task management cloud-based solutions. It can help create various boards and cards, add notes, set due dates, etc. It simplifies every task by structuring and keeping a track of each of them as simple as possible. Small businesses can initiate with the tool for free and pay based on the frequency of team size growth later on.

Small businesses deter investing in automation tools as they believe these solutions are expensive. But they can leverage the foregoing platforms without splurging a lot.