A Guide to Boosting the Efficacy of SEO Project Management

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The biggest challenge faced by every digital marketer is keeping a track of all his SEO projects. Hundreds of keywords, URLs, and reports, they are burdened with a plethora of optimization tasks. Managing a bundle of projects simultaneously is a nerve-wracking job. Like every project, SEO campaign management also requires discipline. With so much on the plate, it becomes daunting and tedious to get the job done correctly and efficiently. But with the right SEO project management tactics, every campaign can be executed just right. Hence, to help you tame the chaos of SEO, given below are the top 5 SEO project management guiding tips.

Understand the Project Management Principles

The concept of project management is often construed as a tactic but to your surprise, it is a vast discipline that educates the science of managing complex tasks. It has been in use for ages and is still followed by people in different industries. It isn’t necessary to earn certification or pursue a PM course, but you can’t undermine the significance of core principles guiding the concept. Among many PM principles, clear vision and mission are the most important and bring structure and clarity to the activities. It should be tied to a measurable and specific business objective and focus on developing scalable processes and standards. It should also be measurable so that the efficiency of its results can be gauged. Last but not the least, great communication ought to be in place for successful project management. Following these principles, you can accomplish what they say is unachievable.

Adopt a Structured Approach

A structured approach to SEO projects builds a broad idea into specific goals and deliverables. It adds a layer of accountability, communication, and measurement to the core PM principles. Under this approach, the project is divided into several phases with each phase entailing different aspects of the project. These aspects include initiation, planning, execution, control, and closing; and allow for better visibility into the project performance.

Use the Right SEO Project Management Tool

To excel in any job, the incorporation of technology is seen as a must. So far, Excel and spreadsheets were used by many firms to manually maintain the updates. But, when it comes to SEO, it fails to stand out. A purpose-specific software encompassing time tracking tool, storage feature, delegation and measurement support, deliverables tracker, rank tracking tool, and reporting tool are required to manage the organic marketing tasks.

Develop Better Relationships

To boost the efficiency of organic marketing campaigns and prevent their failure, better communication and relationships are conducive. Every organization has some stakeholders to report to and these might be the boss, clients, or both. While the boss wants results, the clients seek a justification for the expense. Frequent communication with them helps the managers understand what each stakeholder wants and run the project according to their mutual preferences.

Be an SEO Project Manager

Being an SEO project manager, you are responsible for the execution of the plans, maintenance of the guidelines, and delivering deadlines. Because these tasks might get boring, endless, and difficult, you better maintain an adequate level of motivation and standards. As you lead the campaigns, you are expected to step up when times are rough. Also, you can engage in regular check on yourself and your attitude towards clients and team members for improving your leadership quality.

From working on multiple SEO campaigns and project management principles to ensuring client retention, this solid concept encompasses everything that digital marketers need to work on. Therefore, tech-savvies have developed automation tools. By using these tools or solutions simultaneously with managerial tactics, marketers can bring transparency to their clients’ SEO projects. Clarity of the job further helps them execute the plan faster and deliver results in a budget.