Why Mobile CRM is an Essential Business Tool

Woman Using Laptop

Customer relationship management is conducive for a successful future of the business whether it’s through a desktop, smartphone, or telephone. Ensuring that the final consumer is satisfied with what you have provided escalates the chances of customer loyalty. Hitherto, the main focus had relied on desktop but due to an upheaval in the number of active smartphone and tablet users, the necessity of mobile CRM came into the light. Mobile CRM is a version of a CRM solution that is specified for internet-enabled mobile devices and allows sales, marketing, and customer service departments to access and manage targets in real-time. The tool guarantees greater productivity, performance, and quality for the managers.

The software is inclusive of all the features that support synchronized and shared calendar management, updates akin to leads, opportunities, and contacts from the database, access to dashboards, and report generation. There is a lot more for you to garner about this powerful advent, so read on the following details on its importance, benefits, and challenges it helps to conquer.


A tremendous elevation in the percentage of global internet users on smartphones in the last decade hasn’t been hidden from anyone. Now when everyone around you is having a phone, people are expecting to access real-time information from anywhere, which eventually forced CRM to meet such extensive growth in demand.

For the employees, it paved a way to freedom for they no longer were tied to their desks. Employees in all the departments could escape the inconveniences of travel from home to work and vice-versa. Research shows that companies that armed their employees with phone-enabled CRM for work-related purposes, earned extra work hours from each workforce annually. Now that the staff has real-time customer details irrespective of the location, attending the customers became more professional and time-efficient.


Now software doesn’t have to be accessed only via laptop and PC when you have a smartphone. Mobile CRM solution keeps the constraints to the mobility of professionals at bay. So, one can say along with the classic functionality of the desktop-hosted system, the tool gives on-the-go access via cloud computing. It enables planning out using calendar integration, dialing into meetings with click-to-call, accessing and updating leads, contacts, and opportunities, opening and sharing files, accessing dashboards on the go, tracking, managing, and responding to customer service cases, and accessing up-to-date data all the times. The best solution is also safe to use as it will contain an in-built extensive security feature such as multi-factor authentication and VPN requirements. Auto-updates further enhances the preferability of the software as you are not tasked to manually re-download or update the features within it.


Several customer relationship management challenges are conquered using the mobile version of the tool. It offers more responsive interaction between both parties by sending a faster notification to the sales representatives. As the sales department begins to address the claims of the clients more rapidly, the turnaround time reduces to a considerate level.

Absenteeism isn’t a big deal anymore with this tool for it helps build team cohesiveness. Even when working from different locations, team members stay involved and engaged to accelerate the growth rate up to 20 percent.

If you are good at responding in time but lack the quality it must ensure, you are wandering on the wrong side of the road. But if you keep yourself up-to-date at all the times and possess extensive details of the customers, you are going to meet their requirements in a more precise manner, putting them in a better position to drive sales. Investing in an SEO CRM agency that uses mobile-capable CRM can allow a business to pay far more dividends throughout an organization. With access to the important details of existing and potential clients in hands, customers can be everywhere in the organization, be it sales, marketing, IT, or customer service.